Reservation agreement

The Client reserves the apartment of his choice for exclusivity. The agreement specifies the gross sales price of the subject of the agreement and the date of the final contract.

Developer agreement

The developer contract is concluded in the form of a notarial deed in a notarial office (the buyer and the developer pay a notary fee specified by the notary). An attachment to the developer contract is: An apartment information sheet with floor plans and a template of the developer contract.

Apartment sales agreement

Otherwise known as the final agreement. This is an agreement to transfer ownership of an apartment to the buyer, signed in the form of a notarial deed. The agreement is concluded after signing a protocol of acceptance of the apartment by the buyer and paying all amounts due as specified in the developer contract. It involves the establishment of new property ownership, creating a separate land and mortgage register for the property.


The signing of the notarial deed involves the following fees payable by the Buyer:

  • Notarial fee together with the costs of excerpts of the notarial deed,
  • Court fee.

The sales agreement
is signed in a notarial office; after the notarial deed is signed, the keys are collected and the apartment is released for possession.

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