In IMMONDIS we are always guided by our key principle:
We build apartments that we ourselves would be happy to live in.

IMMONDIS was established as a result of the expansion of Krysiak Developer, a company which has completed several dozen investments in the Lower Silesia region since 2006.

We plan all our investments very carefully, thoroughly analyzing the locations for our investments and their utility functions. The designs of our buildings come from renowned construction and architectural offices.

We offer buildings according to developer standards, and at the request of clients in an extended standard based on individual agreements.

So far we have built among others:

The company makes every effort to ensure that the buildings are constructed in locations that meet the expectations of future owners.

Purchased land is located in quiet districts of Jelenia Góra, not far from shopping malls, schools or health care facilities and at the same time in close proximity to nature and views of the Jelenia Góra valley. We also have land for service and commercial or office activities located in the city center. Our main goal is to promote modern architecture that stands out from the competition and to improve the quality of urban space and living standards of residents.

We provide our clients with high standard and comfort of use of the facilities built by us. All investments are carefully prepared by a team of qualified architects and the execution process itself is placed in the hands of experienced contractors and employees.

During the construction process we use only the best materials and construction solutions, we put emphasis on the highest class solutions. Because we demand a lot from ourselves, we are liked by clients with demands.   

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Feel free to contact us!

Feel free to contact us!

Leave your details and we will call you back.

Leave your details and we will call you back.